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About Worship this Week(end)! 6/10 & 6/13

Sunday Morning Worship 6/10 at 9:00 am:

A house divided against itself cannot stand. Jesus makes this observation in light of charges that he is possessed. He is possessed, not by a demon, but by the Holy Spirit. We who have received the Holy Spirit through baptism have been joined to Christ’s death and resurrection and knit together in the body of Christ. Those with whom we sing and pray this day are sisters and brothers of the Lord. With them we go forth in peace to do the will of God. (

Wednesday Evening Barbecue and Worship 6/13 at 6:00 pm:

On the second Wednesday of each month over the summer, we will gather for dinner from the grill with potluck sides (bring something simple to share) at 6:00 pm and, at 6:30, enjoy a different style of interactive worship.

June 13: Taizé worship This is a musically beautiful and deeply meditative service. Meaningful phrases are sung repeatedly and “written on your heart.” Simple and quiet, it will leave you wanting more.

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