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Wednesday Eve Summer Worship

On the second Wednesday of each month over the summer, we will gather for dinner from the grill with potluck sides at 6:00pm (bring anything from a salad to a bag of chips or store-bought cookies to share, we'll provide the meat/buns!) and, at 6:30, enjoy a different style of interactive worship.

Wednesday, July 11: Prayer Stations

Join us for worship and discover a whole new way of prayer, including these four prayer stations:

  • Thanksgiving - When & by whom have you felt loved? List on a ribbon or strip of paper and weave into the loom

  • Regret - When and how have you been "unloving"? Write or draw on a coffee filter with marker and add to a basin of water

  • Intercession - Who or what needs your love and God's love right now? Green paper hearts and a twisted paper tree sculpture. Write names/initials/events on hearts and tape them to the tree which will be up for Sunday worship and included in the prayers.

  • Purpose - How can God use you? Where or with whom in my life do I need to be more, possibly,

  • patient

  • kind

  • grateful

  • polite

  • flexible

  • pleasant

  • warmhearted

  • encouraging

  • hopeful

  • faithful

  • steadfast

  • tolerant

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