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About Worship 10/28

Worship with us!

Traditional worship with holy communion: 8:30 am

Coffee, cake, Upside Down Intergenerational Ed today: 9:30 am

Contemporary worship with holy communion and Affirmation of Baptism: 10:45 am

This Sunday is also Reformation Sunday!

About worship on 10/28:

Can we pray the way Bartimaeus prays? People try to hush him up because by addressing Jesus as “Son of David” he is making a politically dangerous claim that Jesus is the rightful king. Could our prayers ever be heard as a threat to unjust powers-that-be? Bartimaeus won’t give up or go away quietly, but repeats his call for help more loudly. Do we ask so boldly? And are our prayers an honest answer to Jesus’ question, “What do you want me to do for you?” (

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