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About Worship this Sunday 3/17

First off, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Come worship with us on Sunday 3/17 - the Second Sunday of Lent!

We gather to worship at 9:00 am with coffee and fellowship to follow. Sunday School starts at 10:10am and all children are welcome- even if it's just to visit! The high school students will head up to Sharing and Caring Hands like they do every third Sunday, and the Sunday School children will sing during worship this morning. Pastor David will lead a Gospel of Luke study in the Fireside Room during the education hour.

About worship this Sunday 3/17:

Though we sometimes doubt and often resist God’s desire to protect and save us, our God persists. In holy baptism, God’s people have been called and gathered into a God-initiated relationship that will endure. Lent provides the church with a time and a tradition in which to seek the face of the Lord again. Lent provides another occasion to behold the God of our salvation in the face of the Blessed One who “comes in the name of the Lord.” (sundaysandseasons)

The new paraments are provided by Michon Weeks and Sandy Bemer, who designed and sewed them for our sanctuary during Lent! Thank you again, ladies!

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