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Worship with us 7/21

Hey all, is it hot enough? Wet enough? Good grief!

Sunday's weather finally looks like a beautiful day with warm weather and no rain.

A group will leave St. Peter's at 7:30 in the morning for Sharing and Caring Hands (as we do every 3rd Sunday). Worship with us at 9:00 am, stay for coffee following worship. There will be a discussion on the ELCA social statement on abortion in the Fireside Room for anyone interested at 10:10am.

Enjoy the weather later in the evening with a Church League Softball game. St. Peter's will be taking on Life21 church at 6pm on Sechler #2.

About worship on Sunday 7/21:

Perhaps the church, at its best, is “all ears.” Almighty God urges the faithful, again and again, to “listen up!”—to heed the word from above. So it was with Abraham and Sarah, with Mary and Martha, and the early church at Colossae. So it is today as we join the assembly to hear the word of God, the words of life.

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