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Volunteer Opportunity

A note for help came this morning that I would like to share. It's an opportunity to serve God through serving others through volunteering at the Northfield CAC food shelf. The food shelf serves over 400 families a month and continuing to serve the community would be impossible without help. The greatest needs are:

Food Rescue - Monday through Saturday we rescue food at local grocery stores. The food shelf receives up to 8,000 lbs of food each week. Food rescue begins at 8 AM each day and is completed by 10 AM.

Produce Sorting - Each morning we receive produce from grocery stores/farms in town and have to do a quality check before food can be shelved. Produce sorting begins at 9AM each day until the food shelf opens to the public.

Stocking and Cleaning - We stock and clean throughout the day! This is a constant task. Stocking hours begin at 9 AM and continue through the day.

Personal Shopping - Volunteers "shop" with people coming in to use the food shelf each day (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) during our open hours.

Volunteers can sign up to volunteer at: or they can call 507-664-3585 or email

Contact person: Alexandra Hyatt at the Community Action Center

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