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Worship with us Sunday 11/17

About worship on 11/17:

The end is near. There is no doubt about it. The warnings are dire. The tone of today’s texts is ominous. But the baptized know how to live in the “meantimes.” The baptized are strengthened for the living of these days in word and sacrament. The baptized rally around the invitation of the apostle: “Brothers and sisters, do not be weary in doing what is right.” (sundaysandseasons)

The Sharing & Caring Hands group will leave at 7:30am, then we will hold worship at 9:00 am with the choir and Sunday school kids singing. Coffee & conversation will follow with a Thanksgiving Hymn Sing with Richard Collman. Sunday School and the "About the Bible..." book study will take place at 10:10. All are welcome. The sanctuary has been decorated beautifully for the Thanksgiving season.

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