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Worship with us 1/5/20

We are celebrating Epiphany a day early with worship and Star Gifts! About worship:Within the gospel reading’s profound words lies the simple message that God is revealed in a human person. Though we may try to understand how the Word existed with God from the beginning of time, the wonder we celebrate at Christmas is that the Word continues to dwell among us. Christ comes among us in the gathered assembly, the scriptures, the waters of new birth, and the bread and the wine. Through these ordinary gifts we receive the fullness of God’s grace and truth. (sundaysandseasons)

And a little about the music (from Richard Collman, Organist): Keyboard Music in today's worship: As the kings from the east brought exotic gifts, so do we hear slightly more exotic music in some jazz settings of the music for organ and piano. "Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown" is an old gospel hymn arr. by Emma Lou Diemer, now in her 90's in Santa Barbara, CA; Joe Utterback provides a jazz setting for organ on "We Three Kings" during communion; Michael Hassell arranges "This Little Light of Mine" for jazz piano in the postlude. Enjoy these unusual offerings.

Worship at 9:00 am and stay for coffee and social at 10:00. There is also a short worship leader training session during the coffee hour in the sanctuary.

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