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Pick Up Items for Sunday Worship


This week, we have been working hard to bring a Sunday worship service that really reinforces our new motto around here: worshipping separately, together, hoping to emphasize the together part. We hope the changes we're making can bring households closer together in faith even though we are all far apart, and when we're finally all together again, our church can be stronger because of it. We are trying something familiar for all of you, our members, this Sunday and for the duration of the worship at home services. We have prepared a bulletin to use every week, and scripture readings and music will be announced. We are sending home a St. Peter's Songbook and one of these bulletins to each household for those who would like to follow along with the online worship service. Please pick these items up before this Sunday if you can! They are available for pick up tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday between 9am and noon. On Friday, enter through the office entrance and find them in the hallway. On Saturday, enter through the door into the narthex, under the carport, near the Welcome desk and they can be found there. A few of us will be here on Sunday morning by 8am and song books and bulletins can be picked up then, too at the Welcome desk. Worship services are live streamed via facebook live at 9am on Sunday, and uploaded to our website. Videos and bulletins can be found under the "ministries" tab. This coming Sunday, 3/22, we will welcome back Pastor Mark Rydberg and Richard Collman will play Bach for us in honor of J.S. Bach's birthday. Prelude: Oh People Beware the Grievous Fall, J.S. Bach Opening Hymn: Songbook # 5, Be Thou My Vision (1st stanza) Hymn of the Day: Amazing Grace (not in songbook, but 1st stanza only) Closing Hymn: Songbook # 69, Precious Lord, Take My Hand (1st stanza) Postlude: Gigue, J.S. Bach About worship this Sunday 3/22, the 4th Sunday of Lent: Baptism is sometimes called enlightenment. The gospel for this Sunday is the story of the man born blind healed by Christ. “I was blind, now I see,” declares the man. In baptism God opens our eyes to see the truth of who we are: God’s beloved children. As David was anointed king of Israel, in baptism God anoints our head with oil, and calls us to bear witness to the light of Christ in our daily lives. (sundaysandseasons) SUNDAY SCHOOL FAMILIES: Julie is working on simple lessons to share with the kiddos using the Sparks story Bible. If you don't have on at home, take one when you stop in for your song book and bulletin. Again, thank you for your faithfulness. God Bless, St. Peter's Lutheran Staff

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