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All Saints Sunday 11/7

Sunday, November 7th: Join us at 9am in person. Coffee will be served following the service in the Fellowship Hall. Join online live on facebook or on the website afterwards. For worshiping online, you can find this Sunday's bulletin and other announcements on the website.Updated Return to Worship information is on our website.

Readings for Sunday 11/7: Lessons: Psalm 23 & 1 Kings 17:8-24 Gospel: John 10:10b-15 Music for Sunday 11/7: "For All the Saints" "Change My Heart, O God" "Praise & Thanksgiving" "How Great Thou Art" "Praise to the Lord" Thank you worship leaders and volunteers! Ushers: Phil & JoAnne Olson; Reader: Sheryl Kleppe; Organist: Joanne Rodland; Livestream: Annalissa Lane; Coffee: Diane Boyum & Norma Lundell. About All Saints Sunday: We remember loved ones who have been laid in the tomb. We know the acute grief of Mary, Martha, and Jesus. We know the reality of death that lies so close. We know that at any moment the phone call could come with news we dread. We live forever in the shadow of death.

At the same time, we also know the little deaths that take place every day. We know the daily disappointments, the betrayal of a friend, a failure at work, a difficult and tumultuous marriage, the loneliness and pain of one longing for something more from life. Beyond that there are the near-constant reminders that much of this world is far from God’s kingdom. How easy it is to look and see poverty and injustice, disease and despair all around. Like Lazarus, we are bound tightly in death’s clothes: grief, disappointment, hopelessness.

Yet Jesus speaks the last word for us: “Unbind him, and let him go” (John 11:44). This promise is bursting with resurrecting life. This word is spoken by the one who became human and was put in a tomb, but broke through the pervasive stench of death. In the waters of the font, we hear our God speak this word to us. Lifting us out of the waters, God frees us from the binding rags of death and dresses us in the royal clothing of Christ. At the table, we feast with the God in whom we have waited, the God who swallows up death forever. The last word is not death, but life as a beloved child of God.

Clothed in the righteousness of Christ, God’s people are called forth from the grave. Fellow saints rush forward to remove the rotting grave clothes. Together the people of God celebrate the hope and promise of resurrection, rising each new day to joyfully serve in the name of the one who is beyond death, Jesus our Savior. (

A caramel roll fundraiser will officially kick off our fundraising for repairs and renovations THIS Sunday. For more info, see the November newsletter, or visit the website.

Thanksgiving Eve service will be held at 6:30pm (previously published as 6:15) on Wednesday the 24th. Pie Feast to follow! If you're able please bring a pie to share. Pies can be dropped off in the kitchen any time during office hours on Tues or Wed, or just prior to the evening service. Thanks! Blessings, St. Peter's Lutheran Staff November Parish Visitor

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