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Sunday 2/13

This Sunday: Join us at 9am in person. You may also join online live on facebook or watch on the website afterwards. No coffee will be made for after worship this day. For joining online, you can find this Sunday's bulletin and other announcements on the website. Please continue to mask while worshiping in person.

This Sunday is the 6th Sunday after Epiphany. Blessings and curses abound on the sixth Sunday after Epiphany. We would do well to listen closely to whom the “blessed ares” and the “woe tos” are directed and to find our place in the crowd among those who desire to touch Jesus. The risen Christ stands among us in the mystery of the holy supper with an invitation to live in him, and offers power to heal us all. ( Thank you to our worship leaders, and to Claire Hill for playing clarinet, and Megan DeMaris for playing flute for the special music this Sunday.

SOLOs will now meet at the Vault coffee shop at the Community Bank this Thursday. 1520 Clinton Ln. HAPPENING NOW February Challenge: Have you done something nice for someone lately? Let others know your acts of love and kindness. Grab a paper heart at our Welcome Desk (or near the other entrances) and write down what you did. We will display them and pray over them at the end of the month. How many hearts can we get!?

A special thanks to Mary Fransen for hosting the Psalm 23 book study.

Schedule an appointment to give blood at our Red Cross blood drive Friday, March 11.

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