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Sunday 2/7

St. Peter's has partnered with Habitat for Humanity in a special 2021 Faith Build project for Northfield. Please see our website for more. Daryl Knudsen is our St. Peter's contact person on the project.

Sunday, February 7th: Join us online on facebook at 9:00 am or on the website afterwords. This is the first Sunday of the month, so communion will be a part of the service. For worshiping at home, please have bread/crackers and wine/juice handy.

Family worship will be posted at 10am! Watch any time!

Readings for Sunday 2/7:

Lesson: Isaiah 40:21-31 & I Corinthians 9:16-23

Gospel: Mark 1:29-39

Music for Sunday 2/7

Opening Hymn: "Christ, Be Our Light"

Hymn of the Day: "On Eagles' Wings"

Closing Hymn: "Spread, Oh, Spread, Almighty Word"

Richard Collman will play the organ, Mary Kay will sing and Scott Bergemann will read for us. Bill Bleckwehl is on livestream (THANK YOU!).

About worship Sunday 2/7:

In Isaiah the one God who sits above the earth and numbers the stars also strengthens the powerless. So in Jesus’ healing work we see the hand of the creator God, lifting up the sick woman to health and service (diakonia). Like Simon’s mother-in-law, we are lifted up and healed to serve. Following Jesus, we strengthen the powerless; like Jesus, we seek to renew our own strength in quiet times of prayer. (sundaysandseasons)

You might have noticed in our February newsletter that starting with Ash Wednesday, we will allow a small congregation to join us during worship. Please register on our website the week prior to the date you plan to attend, and read the in-person worship protocols also listed on the website.

Have a good weekend!

St. Peter's Lutheran Staff

Need a link listed in the newsletter?? Click on active links in the February Parish Visitor

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