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Sunday 5/16

7th Sunday of Easter

This Sunday we'll celebrate our graduating seniors with a blessing during worship,

and hold a simple social in the parking lot with cupcakes and coffee. At 10:30, bust out your gloves and handiest gardening tools to help with landscaping cleanup around the church building. All ages welcome.

The next Parish Visitor newsletter will combine June and July. Any groups or individuals wanting to include an announcement or article for either of those two months, please submit it this week. Thanks!

Sunday, May 16th: Join us at 9am in person or online on facebook or on the website afterwards. We will celebrate holy communion this Sunday. For worshiping on-line have juice/wine & bread/crackers handy; you can find this Sunday's bulletin on the website as well. Other announcements are included. Family worship this Sunday will be posted on facebook at 10am and will mark the end of family worship/Sunday school for the season. All ages welcome. Expect to see info on 2021-2022 Sunday School/Youth programming this summer. Readings for Sunday 5/16: Lessons: Acts 1:15-17, 21-26 & 1 John 5:9-13 Gospel: John 17:6-19 Music for Sunday 5/16: "Earth and All the Stars!" "Borning Cry" "O Rest in the Lord" "Go My Children, with My Blessing" Thank you worship leaders! Ushers: Dale & Linda Ness; Organist: Richard Collman; Songleader: Richard Collman; Reader: Patrick Bougie; Livestream: Terra Wierson. About worship Sunday 5/16: The gospel for Easter’s seventh Sunday is always taken from the long prayer Jesus prays for his followers in John’s gospel on the night before his death, and always includes Jesus’ desire that his followers will be one as he and the Father are one. This oneness is not mere doctrinal agreement or institutional unity, but mutual abiding, interpenetrating life, mutual love, and joy. This oneness is the work of the Spirit whom we have received but also await. Come, Holy Spirit! (sundaysandseasons)

Looking ahead, next Sunday, the 23rd, is Pentecost - wear red! Easter Season Blessings, St. Peter's Lutheran Staff May Parish Visitor

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