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How can I become a member of St. Peter's Lutheran?


New member classes are held two times each year (fall & spring). We ask all prospective members to attend three one-hour classes. In these sessions we explore God’s love and forgiveness given freely through Jesus Christ, and what this means for how we shall then live. We share ministry opportunities for you at St. Peter's, and encourage you to find avenues for living out your faith in ways that match your spiritual gifts and interests.


Can I have my child baptized if I am not a member?


Yes. We would love for your child to be baptized into the body of Christ. That being said, in the baptism service, parents make a covenant with their child, God, and the congregation to raise him/her in the Christian faith. Your child, when baptized at St. Peter's Lutheran will become a member of St. Peter's Lutheran. If your child is a member of this congregation, and if you promise to raise your child in the Christian faith, you should want to become a member of St. Peter's Lutheran as well.


Can I enroll my children in Sunday School if I am not a member?


Yes. We want your child(ren) to know of God's love for him/her in Jesus Christ. We would hope that you would like to join the congregation and discover opportunities for faith enrichment and service as well, but it is not necessary for you to join the congregation. St. Peter's Sunday School enrollment form here.

How can I get more involved in the ministry of St. Peter's Lutheran?


Please contact the church office (507) 645-8252 or Pastor David ( We want to hear of your interests and passions so that you are involved in ministries that match your God-given talents. St. Peter's Ministry Guide Book pdf.

Do you have any small-groups that I could join?


We do have small groups you could join. You could also start a new small group ministry. Small group ministry is most effective when it is driven bottom-up rather than top-down. If you have a passion or interest and would like to share it within the context of the ministry of St. Peter's Lutheran, we’d love to support you and connect you with others who share your interest and passion.

I can't make it to Church every Sunday, can I give electronically?


The answer is, Yes! Many people of St. Peter's who travel a lot, spend winters or summers away, have busy schedules, or just like the simplicity of it, give electronically. Follow this link for the form to get set up. Questions can be directed to Terrence Hassanally, our financial administrator, EMAIL or 507-645-8252.

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