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Our History

  St. Peter’s Lutheran Church  was founded by Danish immigrants who came together to worship God, gather at Christ's table for holy communion, share God's love with the world in word and deed, and love one another. They first gathered in homes in the summer of 1893.

By November, twenty eight members signed the charter to found St. Peter’s Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church. Services met on 3rd Street in what is now the Northfield Arts Guild. Through the years, St. Peter’s family grew steadily. In November of 1958, ground was broken for a new church building on Sumner Street where we have worshiped since 1963.

Our history is rich with stories of people serving God in a wide variety. From a small church of Danish immigrants to the flourishing community St. Peter’s is today, God has generously blessed this community. St. Peter’s is a church with deep roots that continues to grow in witness and service to Jesus Christ. We welcome you to grow in faith, witness, and service with us.

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